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Locking the old forum areas

Posted 28 Oct 2014 at 10:28

The new community platform has had six months to bed in now, and this week we're in the process of combining some subtopics to make more sense based on member feedback.

While the conversations in the 'old forum' topic areas will always remain available to members, the time has come to lock them so that all current conversations are taking place in the new areas.

So, as we merge the subtopics this week, we'll also be moving any conversations that have been created in the old areas since the launch of the new platform. We'll put them in the most appropriate new subtopic and leave a pointer from the old location to the new, which will last for a few days. Then we'll lock the old areas with all the old threads so that no new posts can be made in those areas. 

If you have an old (older than May 2014) thread you want to continue in the new areas, or if you ever have any other concerns about old locked threads containing outdated info, just PM me or email onlinecommunity@prostatecanceruk.org and we'll help you out. The old forum areas will be locked for members but moderators will be able to make any needed changes.


Posted 30 Oct 2014 at 09:17

This is done.

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