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It's nearly Mo .. erhh .. November

Posted 30 Oct 2014 at 11:24

And as a kid I always associated this time of year with the now not-so-common activity of making some sort of effigy (or putting old clothes and a mask on the littlest kid available), putting said object/person into an old pushchair and pleading with passers-by for a "Penny for the Guy".

It's just hit me what an adaptable phrase / activity that could be for use by a male health campaign:

Penny / tenner for the guy(s), Mister / Missus?

Perhaps we should resurrect (and kidnap) street-collecting with an appropriate effigy / appropriately dressed person in a wheelchair (rather than kids pushchair).  The exercise could be used simultaneously to give out leaflets as well, kind of incorporating a health education angle into it.

Perhaps some adventurous Urology Departments could even persuade their Trust CEOs to permit the activity for a day or two on local hospital sites.

Perhaps some GP practices, or clinics could do it, too.

Could maybe even use a PCUK 'man' figure, big cardboard cut-out version.

Just a thought.

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