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After surgery discomfort

Posted 06 Dec 2014 at 19:49
My dad had surgery to remove his prostate 7 weeks ago, all has been fine with his recovery process until about 3 days ago, he began to get extreme discomfort, Friday morning he went up to A&E, here they put a catheter back in and explained the pain was due to a blockage that was caused after surgery. Today (Saturday) my mum took him back up to A&E as the pain had become totaly unbearable, he also had some blood in his urine, the hospital carried out a blood test, he was told the blood in his urine was a result of him not drinking enough water and his kidneys were struggling due to this! He Left A&E 7 hours later with no reason as to why the discomfort has got worse since the catheter was put in insted of getting better. My dad was also told that the catheter would need to stay in for a further 14 days and to take co-codamol to ease the discomfort!

I was wondering if any one else experienced this as he is in extreme discomfor and we want to do anything that may ease things for him, I am also slightly worried that the doctors who were on shift may not have looked into things close enough and may have missed something (I see blood in urine as a cause for concern) my dad is going to call his nurse on Monday, but this is 48 hours away a long time to be in pain and discomfort,

Thank you in advance for any advice given,

Posted 07 Dec 2014 at 00:11


I noticed no one has responded yet, so I just thought I would say to you to phone the specialist nurse number at the top of the page. They will be able to give you advice and guidance. I have not experienced what your dad has as I did not get the operation I got Radiotherapy.

There will be someone out there who will come on and help you, but it may not be until tomorrow, and I know the waiting and worrying is horrible.

Best wishes to you and your dad I hope everything turns out ok.


Posted 07 Dec 2014 at 07:34


I think you really need to get in touch with the hospital team who performed the surgery asap

they are probably more specialised than A&E.

Posted 07 Dec 2014 at 08:39

I have just had my op on wensday discharged yesterday , was told I would see blood in bag until catheter was removed even though bag is clear at times , did your dad get a specialist nurses number to ring who follows your path , if not I would take the advice by previous members and ring nurse on this site as they will help .hope it gets better for him Andy

Posted 07 Dec 2014 at 09:59
Have you tried ringing the ward he was on after surgery they should be able to help.

Thanks Chris

Posted 07 Dec 2014 at 19:16

I shouldn't think the ward will be able to help seven weeks post-op - A&E would have passed dad onto them already if that was the case. It seems your dad went into retention, probably due to the way his internal wounds have healed, and if he has an infection and dehydration then it is no wonder he is in pain. The pain may also simply be his bladder trying to get rid of the catheter by contracting. Hopefully A&E have already alerted dad's specialist nurse but a call to him or her first thing tomorrow morning will put dad's mind at rest I think.

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Posted 08 Dec 2014 at 09:06

Hi Lawrenbeck.
Sorry your dad is having problems.
Lyn may well be right about the ward but a couple of months back when we had a query about my husband's hip operation, which had taken place about 18 months previously, we accidently rang the ward he'd been on instead of his nurse's number.
Having explained what we wanted to know, she very helpfully went and found a doctor to speak to us to answer our question.
I know it's a different scenario, but what can they do but say take him to A & E. if they won't/can't help
You'll be no worse off and they may be able to arrange something more urgently from their end.
They are , at least, the experts on your dad's problem since they deal with this sort of thing all the time unlike docs at A & E who'll take the easiest most speedy route.
Personally, I'd give it a try. Nothing to waste but a bit of time and a phone call.
Best Wishes to your dad
Hope he's feeling better today.

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