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You men!

Posted 18 Dec 2014 at 14:19

These were the words my prostate nurse said to me when I casually mentioned that my urine stream had been getting gradually weaker and I first noticed it about two months ago. Why I didn't mention it at the time was probably a mixture of it will get better / go away and if it didn't,  well if that's the only lasting side effect I get from having a RALP, then I could consider myself lucky.

Boy, was I wrong. "Looks like you could have a uthrethral stricture" she said (confirmed subsequently by a flow test). "You should have mentioned it when you first noticed it as these things usually get worse, not better".

Next thing I knew I was being booked in for treatment. "How does Christmas Eve grab you?", "Oh and you'll likely have to wear a catheter for a week!".  Me "What joy!".

Anyway, luckily, a slot was found for me yesterday and, under a general, I had a optical urethrotomy. Now getting used to a catheter again, a funny walk and a bucket by the bedside at night. Roll-on Monday.

So, more of a 'take home' message...  if you do experience a weaking of your urine flow and / or multiple stream, urgency, dribbling after emptying your bladder, blood in urine (many of which I had too!), don't do as I did, but get in touch with your prostate team. Googling, it seems a stricture is quite common if you've had a RALP (@20% of cases).









Posted 18 Dec 2014 at 14:49

Hi flexi,

Yes - "us men".  Fair comment really. 

Sadly - even in this day and age - "us men" do sometimes stick our head in the sand about our health issues.  [I'll put my hand up to that too]. And tragically it seems that  this "manly"  behaviour still leads at times to men having prostate cancer that is only ever discovered at far too late a stage.

So, in my book, anything at all that encourages men to NOT to take a "well, it's probably just par for the course now I'm getting older" or a "I'm sure the doctor has more important things to do dealing with properly sick people" attitude, is a story well worth repeating and spreading about a bit.

Best Wishes



Life is a journey. You can't move forward on a journey AND stay in the same place.
Posted 18 Dec 2014 at 14:58

My grandad had to have an emergency removal of his prostate abput 40 years ago, as he couldn't pee at all. Goodness knows what symptoms he'd had or for how long. It's one of the experiences that has led to me trying to be open about issues now.

I wish more peo[le were open about their health. I'm sure we would many end up healthier if we did.

if ever we have visitors, my wife will hide my pads. It's as though she's ashamed, or thinks it would cause embarrassment. It doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Stay Calm And Carry On.
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