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Now we know for sure

Posted 03 Jan 2015 at 12:54
I have been following conversations for some time now since we first learnt that my OH had a chance of having prostate cancer. Well it was confirmed yesterday and he has cancer in 9 out of 17 cores. The common pattern is 3+3 but one core showed ductal Cancer as well as anicar and score is 4+3 (60 %\40%) I suppose I take this as his Gleason score being the highest one, so not so good. The GP that gave him the results was very blasé and did not seem to think the results were dire. We are unable to contact the urologist until 12 Jan as he is on leave. I am feeling very emotional and cannot think of any positive outcomes..
Posted 03 Jan 2015 at 19:08

Your Gleason score is not the worst as these are graded from 6 to 10 and are scored 3+3, 3+4, 4+3, 4+4, 4+5, 5+5. So your husbands score is a medium aggressive cancer, at worst.

Depending on the spread, that will me determined by an MRI, he may be given some treatment options, or a definitive action plan of what to do.

Considering that many of the cores did not contain cancer, is good news, as is the majority of the scores being 3+3 (the lowest grade of cancer)

I apologise that this message is brief as there is a lot more to be said.

I am sure that someone will come along soon and offer some sound advice.


Hang on in there.



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Posted 03 Jan 2015 at 19:20
Copied from previous thread

Posted 03 January 2015 11:39:47

Hi Grea, I think you should stop googling - ductal prostate cancer is very rare but most of the info on the internet is not relevant to your case. I doubt the GP is minimising the results but he may not know very much about prostate cancer.

You really need to wait until you see the specialist - with only one core showing ductal, there is a really good chance that your OH has been diagnosed early enough for curative treatment .... the specialist may recommend that surgery is the best option in your case though as ductal PCa does not always respond to hormone treatments well.

I don't think you should tell the children anything just yet - perhaps best to wait for the proper results first.

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