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Diagnosed 1993 & still here.

Posted 09 Jan 2015 at 17:09

A poem by Peter Young diagnosed in 1993 and still here.

I feel it sums up Prostate Cancer quite well.



One day you're feeling quite all-right

When cancer steals up in the night

And then you find you've got a fight!

Prostate cancer is for men!

PSA is checked and then

Does it measure more than ten?


If it does, biopsy sore:

Then you know your Gleeson score:

One to three - you don't want more.

Metastasis means it has spread -

Do not think this means your dead - 

Eighteen years I've lived instead.


Treatment choice:- there's quite a range.

When new to you, it all seems strange;

The choice is yours which to arrange.

Prosectomy is surgeon's cut

Radiation kills cancer but

Hormones great but do your nut!


Side effects - there's quite a few:

Bladder weakness for some it's true,

Damaged bowels another clue.

Energy you have not got,

Tiredness, fatigue add to the lot;

The earth is warmed by flushes hot!


But your alive, count blessings great;

Forget about your cancerous state

Enjoy yourself, please do not wait!

So as you rise to each new day

Try very hard to work or play;

Cancer forget is what I say.


Written by Peter Young on 15th October 2014.










Posted 09 Jan 2015 at 18:59

Thanks for posting this, Gerry,


Posted 09 Jan 2015 at 19:19

Great advice and very inspiring for others on here.

Thank you.

Posted 09 Mar 2015 at 08:42

Beautiful thank you so much can we share?


Posted 09 Mar 2015 at 19:15
This is a great message x
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