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Scar tissue reduce flow

Posted 31 Jan 2015 at 09:29
Hi been of line a bit I am booked in for surgery in 3 weeks due to scar tissue in the pipe work giving reduced flow so they are cutting in side to make the pipe wider. Has any one had this done and are there any side efects and how did you get on after. Thanks

Posted 31 Jan 2015 at 16:17

Hi Andy

Private messaged but will reply here so others who may be considering a similar procedure can see/comment.

I have got a bladder neck stenosis which means my flow is restricted. They couldn't get the camera in my bladder. I did go for a bladder neck incision in June 13 but after discussing with the urologist while sat on the operating table we cancelled. He told me there was a risk of incontinence with the procedure. We discussed how the restriction effects me which to be honest it doesn't. So we felt the risk of SE's were not worth it. I had my last follow up in November 14 and the urologist was happy.

There is always the risk of retention I suppose but I can keep a close eye on it ie if it appears it's starting to reduce further I will contact my urologist

Obviously we are all different and it depends how much it's effecting you. Plus there was only a chance of incontinence. There will be many men who have had the procedure who will be fine

Good luck mate


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Posted 31 Jan 2015 at 18:22

Hi Andy,


I had a urethrotomy about this time last year. Although I wasn't really aware of a reduced flow my surgeon attempted to examine the inside of my bladder with a small camera, a cystoscopy, but found that there was insufficient room inside the tube and had to abandon the examination. I was asked if I had had any kind of accident in my life, even many years ago, that would have caused trauma to the area in question. I had, in fact on a number of occasions when playing sport etc. so it appears this is a common complaint with men. 


I went into hospital as a day case on the morning and the urethrotomy was carried out under general anaesthetic. It only takes a short time to carry out and I was awake and back in my room quite quickly with the regulatory cup of tea and a biscuit. This was my first experience of having a catheter inserted. When the nurse was happy that the bag was filling as it should it was removed but I wasn't allowed to go home until the nurse was happy that I was passing urine correctly and I was home later that afternoon. The pain killers were important on that day but the following day I had virtually no discomfort and was fine. I would make sure you have someone to collect you and drive you home as the general anaesthetic takes some time to completely wear off.


So, all in all no great problem. Anything like this is concerning and a bit of a worry but it wasn't painful and was over and done with quite quickly. Good luck with yours.



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Posted 01 Feb 2015 at 11:53


I had RARP April 2014.

Following on from op flow rate went down to 1.5 ml/sec.

Had dilatation / stretch August 2014, flow rate 20ml/sec then flow rate slowed again.

Had second dilatation November 2014, flow rate back up to 20 ml/ sec.

Since November dilatation / stretch I carry out intermittent self catheterisation (ISC) every other day to keep the neck open.

Three months on flow rate has never been below 10ml/sec sometimes 20ml/sec but mostly around 15ml,sec.

If flow rate starts to slow again incision may be the next option.

I was dry 14 days post RARP, and my continence has not been affected by my procedures but please bear in mind my procedures were stretches NOT incision, has this been discussed as an option for you.

I was told two stretches then possibly incision. 


Thanks Chris



Posted 01 Feb 2015 at 16:36

Hi Andymo,

I developed a urthral stricture 16 months after RALP (weak flow, spots of blood in urine etc).

From my notes the surgeon, under a general anaesthetic (me not him), stretched the urethra and carried out an optical urethrotomy.

No problems experienced after surgery (either on continence or erectile function, or discomfort), and can now hit a tin can at 20 paces!




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