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my friend just dx

Posted 05 Feb 2015 at 07:04
An old workmate of mine contacted me last April as he had frequent urination and when he had his psa measured it was 9. Prostate felt normal but maybe a little enlarged. Biopsy clear so sent away.

He has contacted me again as 7 weeks ago he had an MRI didn't hear anything for 6 weeks so chased them up. Consultant told him there are two sinister looking masses and it is a large rippled lump. Hes waiting for a biopsy but feels consultant has already told him it's Pca.

Appalling that he had to contact them 6 weeks after his MRI and worrying that this is something that should have been picked up last year


Posted 05 Feb 2015 at 12:08
Hi Bri, as I am reading in my few months on this forum there is such laziness on the part of some doctors ( not the majority I am sure) about potential PC . In my own case the doctor said " as your dad has PC have we not asked you to come in before for a PSA rest" errr let me think about that , no, doh! I will never know if I could have been Gleson 6 rather than 9 if I had been for a test a year earlier. I hope your mate gets top service now from them! Kev

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Posted 05 Feb 2015 at 12:40
Bri this is very sad and really makes me cross. So many accounts now of people who are having to push for testing and then chase up results. Quangos that focus on reportable statistics only, political cherry picking to make members from all parties look like they care. In the meantime real issues where dramatic improvements could be made that actually save lives go under the radar.

I have a friend in a similar position who , despite being on the cancer fast track and having biopsy done within the two week limit(just) has been told that results will take at least 6 weeks (in her area biopsy analysis is outsourced) it's impossible to contact the laboratory directly so she has to rely on the integrity and perseverance of an over worked NHS secretary who looks after at least 4 consultants to chase up results. If you can afford it or have Private cover this whole process takes 3 days maximum.

I hope your friend gets all the medical attention he needs as quickly as possible.


Mandy Mo

Posted 05 Feb 2015 at 15:48

Bri this story is very sad but sadly not uncommon it's another story of someone being failed by the system and as Mo says if this was private then it would be a whole different story. A friend of mine who went private was phoned the day after her scan and was told she had cancer , she was operated on 3 days later. Another story of the have's and the have not's.


Julie X

Posted 05 Feb 2015 at 17:37

Definitly a two tier system in place,

if youre private you get good quick service, the rest are at the mercy of the NHS system ,    :-(


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