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EAMS - Early Access to Medicines

Posted 11 March 2015 12:37:09(UTC)

Today the first drug to be made available under EAMS (Early Access to Medicines Scheme) was Pembrolizumab for advanced skin cancer.


I can't emphasise enough the enormous importance of this to us with PCa. New drugs in the pipeline for us may now be available under the new scheme.

The basis of the scheme is to fast track drugs that have gone through phase 3 trials, look really promising and fulfil an "unmet need". It's a no brainer for the NHS as the drugs are free pending full licence. You do need to sign a waiver but for those of us (like me) who have run out of options, it's a possible lifeline.


Time to hassle your oncologist should you spot a suitable drug

Nil desperandum

Posted 11 March 2015 14:14:04(UTC)

Thanks Allister,

I'll be sticking that in my back pocket for 'that day'.
Hopefully it will be replaced by a completely new and fairer system for drugs access by the time I need it.
<ducks as a squadron of pigs do barrel rolls past the house>

All the best


Posted 14 March 2015 06:01:23(UTC)

We'll hope that in future drugs will be much better than now. And our lives will not be in danger.

Posted 14 March 2015 12:31:25(UTC)
Hopefully this applies to you as well Allister, thanks for sharing my friend.

Lots of love
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