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Dr Ian Roos

Posted 10 April 2015 05:55:50(UTC)
An eminent Australian doctor (Ian Roos) sadly passed away this morning 16 years after being dx with aggressive PCa. I saw one of his quotes and personally thought it was very apt

"the cancer patient can share the experience, not the cancer. Yet it is now part of their being. It is not their partner's cancer, but it affects their partner. It is not their family's cancer, but it affects their family. It is not their friends' cancer, yet their friends grieve for the challenge to longevity that it presents. It is the patient’s and the patient is the one who has to negotiate meaning from it and an identity that incorporates it".

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Posted 10 April 2015 13:05:31(UTC)

Hi Bri,

A great quote, thanks for posting that. It's the hardest thing to explain to those around you.  They can show their support but it's hard for some to understand what you're going through and what you're feeling.  I think this is why I feel close to people on this site because I feel we're all on a similar journey (even as partners).

RIP Dr. Roos.


Posted 10 April 2015 14:59:56(UTC)
Sounds like a man who had vision and could see the bigger picture
Posted 11 April 2015 06:55:05(UTC)
So true, my PC affects everyone around me but I feel only I and others who have it really can know what dark thoughts are in my head daily. Kev
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