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Travel Insurance and the European Health Insurance Card

Posted 05 August 2015 07:13:02(UTC)


Travel insurance features regularly in postings and shows the different experiences of arranging travel insurance. Some companies understand that many men are living with their prostate cancer and do not pose any real risk by going on holiday or travelling abroad. Other insurers take a different view and refuse insurance, or load the cost prohibitively, for men with a prostate cancer diagnosis.

I have had an information note on the website of the Prostate Cancer Research Centre for a number of years. The note has been updated regularly and I have posted information about this on here a number of times.

The note covers the principles of travel insurance and how this relates to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The EHIC can be used in European Economic Area countries which are the EU countries and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. It can also be used in Switzerland. 

 The section about the EHIC looks at how to apply for an EHIC, how to use it, and what can go wrong when seeking medical treatment under the healthcare system in other EEA countries and Switzerland. There is also a section about the UK’s reciprocal healthcare agreements with some other non EEA countries.

The note is qualified to make it clear that it is not a substitute for information about travel insurance provided by insurance brokers, insurance companies or any other professional adviser concerning travel insurance. Similarly, it does not replace the information about the EHIC provided by the Department of Health on their website.

I have just competed the latest review of the information note. The note is at the link below, then click on "Information and Support" then "Struggling to find travel insurance?" then click on "here".


I hope the information is useful to explain some of the basic principles about these topics.










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Posted 12 August 2015 14:50:34(UTC)

Thanks Alan. Very helpful

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Posted 12 August 2015 15:12:31(UTC)




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Posted 13 August 2015 10:26:39(UTC)

Hi Alan,


Thank you for what has to be THE defininitive document on travel insurance.


The subject has been raised many times over the last 10 years, and now at last you've given us the 'bang-up-to date' information that so many of us have searched for (in vain).

It's excellent. Well done mate!


And by the way, Congratulations on recently passing the 16yr milestone of your PCa battle.

It gives hope to us all.



Best wishes,






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