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Closure of the Cancer Screening Programmes website

Posted 30 September 2015 18:56:21(UTC)



The Cancer Screening Programmes website will close down today - 30 September 2015. The guidance for GPs will move to the Gov.uk website.


The information about having a PSA test will be on NHS Choices.


I make no comment on this at present.




Posted 01 October 2015 10:56:48(UTC)

Alan thanks for the links. Do you know how many of those 27 where eligible for radical treatment and how many of that number had long term incontinence and complete ED issues? The reason behind my question is if only a very small minority had such issues it paints a different picture if the majority did.


Posted 02 October 2015 19:54:23(UTC)

Hi Ray

This is my second attempt to post on this thread tonight.

I don't have a breakdown of the number but I may be able to get something next week... perhaps. I think your number 27 should be 274.

I heard there is a problem with the close down and this has been put back to 30 October.


Posted 02 October 2015 21:31:54(UTC)

Hi Alan, thanks for coming back to us. I do understand the site frustrations.

Checked the number now I'm more confused - perhaps I'm cracking up.

On the NHS Choices page under Pros and Cons of PSA test it states - to save one life from prostate cancer 27 men have to be treated

On the Prostate Patient Information download under Limitations of PSA Testing it states - 48 men will undergo treatment to save 1 life


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