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urology follow up cancelled

Posted 08 Oct 2015 at 17:56

hi,i finished rt a year ago,i am also on ht for 3yrs,i was due my second follow up with urologist on the 15th nov,i have received a letter to say that they have put my appointment back a month due to clinician unavailability anyone else had this, i last saw my oncologist in june and he said he doesnt want to see me for a year,you would think the urology appointments woud be important if someone has cancer,any help please.

Posted 08 Oct 2015 at 20:01
Dear Radar

My OH has a similar diagnosis to you of G 7 T3 b and 3 years of HT following RT.

If your appointment has been cancelled and you are worried, I would suggest that you ask your GP for a PSA blood test. hopefully this will remain as low as the previous test and if so, you will not need to worry until the next main appointment comes up.

If it has increased, then I would get hold of Consultants secretary ( they tend to be the do- ers ) and in my experience always reply to calls and emails, and demand an earlier appointment as you are worried. Most are sympathetic if you explain how you feel.

Best of luck


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Posted 08 Oct 2015 at 22:03

thanks,my appointment has been re-arranged to november 15th now,think i will leave it at that.

Posted 08 Oct 2015 at 23:07
Probably the month will make very little difference.

good luck!
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