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Enlarged Prostate following GP visit

Posted 13 November 2015 11:39:12(UTC)

Hi all.  Just really looking for some guidance.  I've been struggling with the frequency with which I pass urine for a while now.  Went to the GP yesterday to discuss matters and after an internal examination was found to have a swollen prostate.  I'm 39 years of age.  I was advised to book in for blood tests (but to leave 7 days as results are affected by the examination itself).  The GP did explain that whilst the prostate is enlarged she couldn't detect any growths etc and she also pointed out the unreliability of the test itself.  My blood tests are booked in for the 24th November now but needless to say I'm terrified of potential outcome.  I have a 2 year old daughter and my wife is a MAJOR worrier - I did consider keeping this quiet but in the end spoke to her about this last night.  I do have a great private medical policy through my work (my wife was a private medical insurance broker prior to our daughter being born) but it seems premature to make contact with them to see a consultant prior the PSA results being available?  I'm interested to hear what others think on this plan of action and generally obtain anyone's guidance and thoughts etc.


Thanks so much for anyone's help in advance.

Best Wishes to you all



Posted 13 November 2015 13:22:03(UTC)

Hello Chris and welcome.

First off, please don't panic, there could be a number of reasons for frequency of urination and swollen prostate, infection being one  and Benign Hyperplasia being another so don't start looking for problems before you know there are any.

You are young to be considered for prostate cancer so err on the side of hope rather than despair.

The fact that your GP hasn't said the prostate feels hard or knobbly is a good sign and she is right in that any messing around in that area will raise the PSA so it's best to let it all settle first and take it from there.
(By the way, cycling and sex just before the PSA test is also said to possibly raise the level so avoid all that before you go for the test to give you the best result)

You'll still be there for a long while yet for your two year old and your wife. As for keeping it quiet because she is a worrier, well all of us wives feel like that when there is the possibility of the "C" word raising it's head.
This could all be something and nothing. Save your energies for worrying if and when you need to.

I personally do not see any point in trying for an earlier private appointment because, as the GP says, you need to let it all settle first and you don't want the worry of an inexact result. A private consultant would,in any case, only do the test you will get via the GP on 24th.

IF, and it's a very big IF, there is found to be cause for concern, then given your age and the fact that the GP isn't instantly worried by what she felt, then the chances are that you would be at an early diagnosis and for some men at that stage (given your age) the best bet might be to do nothing.

Just try and be patient the pair of you. So much is being done now as far as treatment is concerned and new trials come along all the time.

The words Prostate cancer are very emotive, but you haven't had them said to you yet, if at all so please just try and be calm.

We are a group of people on here, PCa men and some wives and partners and we help and support each other. We are here with the listening ear and the shoulder to lean on.

Should you need us you know where we are.

Keep us posted on any results you get and we'll take it from there and help in any way we can with advice.

In the meantime, best wishes


We can't control the winds - but we can adjust our sails
Posted 13 November 2015 14:04:14(UTC)

Hi Sandra

Thanks so much for your kind words and support.  I guess it's just a knee-jerk panic reflex to start thinking the very worst.  You have written a lot of sense and I can't tell you how appreciative I am of your response.  It is truly appreciated and once results are available I'll be sure to update all.

Thanks once again.


Kind Regards



Posted 13 November 2015 14:48:46(UTC)
I am so glad Sandra responded to you first, a lovely factual and sensible response (she is amazing trust me)

The mere fact that you have been having urinary issues will prompt a more in depth investigation from a good GP, yours has done the DRE told you the prostate feels enlarged (which in itself causes a need for more frequent urination) but not irregular or hard which is good. She has also given you the option of the PSA test which is also good.
Until that all happens you should avoid doing any real research, googling could scare the pants off you and probably completely unnecessarily. I often wish the government would slap a health warning on Googling potential illnesses or self diagnostics !

If you do find you need any information, support or help once you have had the initial test results and had them all explained to you then do come back. We are as Sandra said, a useful source of information and support from people who have varying stages of PCa, partners, wives, family and friends.
Best wishes
Posted 13 November 2015 16:22:53(UTC)


This isn't to stress you out. Just the otherside of comforting posts. In 2004 my 58 was considered young. Nowadays that's getting to be old as 4O's is the new young. A DRE is subjective and whilst it can raise PSA its not usually hugely so. With an enlarged prostate it could well be higher than normal even on the 24th. Thus to my mind a test now will determine if a refferal is needed or a second early test.


Posted 13 November 2015 16:51:24(UTC)

Thanks to you for this. I think it's just a case of waiting until the 24th and seeing what comes along at that point. Unfortunately I have fallen into the "google" trap and started imagining/readin the worst. Unfortunately the 24th seems so far away and I'm not the most patient of individuals at the best of times.

Thanks to all for their comments though. It's so nice to see that the internet can be of such a benefit and offer such support from kind people.

Will keep you all posted and keeping fingers crossed. Wishing you all the best of health in return too!

Posted 13 November 2015 16:59:21(UTC)

My friend Dave on here always advises me to be a patient patient . And he is absolutely right !! Im sorry you are a massive worrier like many others including me . But worrying honestly achieves nothing at all as you probably know already , and ive had over a year of it now . I so hope your results are good . Chillax as my daughter says

If life gives you lemons , then make lemonade
Posted 30 November 2015 22:35:00(UTC)

Hi Chris, I am in a similar position to you and going through tests to identify the problem. I am by no means an expert in these matters, but if you have a prostate infection (prostatitis), then this can raise the PSA level so don't panic if you get a higher than normal reading. If it is suggested you have a biopsy, I would definitely advise getting an MRI scan first via your private medical cover

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