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Enzalutamide - how long to work?

Posted 19 Nov 2015 at 08:14
Tony started on Enzalutamide ten days ago, after his cancer stopped responding to Decapeptyl. He's doing well, with no noticeable side effects. At the time, he was in considerable pain from his bone mets, so the GP prescribed a cocktail of pain killers which proved very effective. He is now pain free and feeling OK.

His next blood test for PSA is not until early December. He is reluctant to start messing with the pain relief,and what we don't know is how long it will be before the Enzalutamide relieves the pain (if it works at all - we understand that it may not).

Has anyone familiar with Enzalutamide got anything useful to tell us about this? Is it best just to wait until the blood test and the next oncologist appointment before experimenting with the pain relief?


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Posted 19 Nov 2015 at 17:34

Marje - I'm on Enzo. Fortunately for me I didn't have any pain from my bone mets before starting on Enzo so I can't help you. The only problems for me from the Enzo were:

1. It made me constipated. A few weeks of laxatives sorted this out and I now have little trouble with constipation.

2. I have got some muscle pain but not enough to consider taking pain killers.

3. Hot flushes got worse but again are tolerable.

4. I seem to have got creakier, I think the Enzo may accentuate the pain from arthritic joints. Again not a big deal, I don't need pain killers and can do most of what I did pre-Enzo, just not as fast!

5. It's sent my BP north. The GP has put me on tablets and is confident I won't be having a heart attack/stroke any time soon.

Good luck.


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