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Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

Posted 16 Dec 2015 at 13:48
Hello folks

Danny had radiotherapy in August after being on watch and wait for about 0 years, and seemed to recover pretty well with no bowel or bladder problems. However the tiredness continued and yesterday he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia and given a prognosis of 6 months.

Can anyone tell me what to expect in terms of pain etc,

Posted 16 Dec 2015 at 14:12

I am so sorry to hear this, In order that others undergoing RT for PCa do not overly worry, I feel I should say that I suspect the Leukemia has nothing to do with the PCa or even the radiotherapy coming on so soon afterwards as I think it would have been referred to as secondary or treatment related. No matter what it is still a very sad diagnosis and prognosis. Life can be very cruel and so very unfair.

In terms of what you can expect Danny to experience that is very hard to say. I hope someone with any experience of this disease can advise you better. Your medical team should be able to answer that as honestly as they can.

my best wishes



Posted 16 Dec 2015 at 14:58

Sorry to hear of this Peggy. I hope your husband can be given help to reduce his tiredness.

Have any treatments been offered to alleviate any discomfort?

I send you my best wishes and positive thoughts to help you gain the strength you'll need in the coming months.


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Posted 17 Dec 2015 at 03:46
Thanks for your replies. The last couple of days have been a whirlwind. We were assured the radiotherapy was not the cause of the leukaemia. It came on too quickly. He has been given a blood transfusion and treatment options will be discussed today. I think the body's inability to fight infection is the main problem.
Posted 17 Dec 2015 at 06:58

Hi Peggy, so sorry to hear of an extra burden to your OH.

If you look on Macmillan cancer website it explains what myeloid leukaemia is and how it is treated. Only chemotherapy is used but there are trials that give intensive chemo so will be worth asking to go on one of them if you are deemed suitable.

Three years ago my brother was diagnosed and given six months but went on trials, had chemo every day for one month and is now in remission he had a hard time but has battled through it and lives a normal life now.

I hope you find the information that you need from your oncologist and you can make whatever decision you need to make.

Regards Chris/Woody

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