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Christmas and new year

Posted 25 December 2015 08:23:16(UTC)
I would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas and new year despite what we are all going through!

For all those that are really toughing it I hope that there is some light in the dark tunnel and whatever happiness that can be had is cherished. Treasure all moments with OH's, family and friends.

Life deals a bum hand sometimes and it is how we all deal with it that makes the difference and if it were not for this forum I am sure we would all be struggling so keep it up all you that give us the benefit of your experience and wisdom. It does make a difference I can assure you, but you all know that don't you?

Best wishes , Chris/Woody

Life seems different upside down, take another viewpoint
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Posted 26 December 2015 07:24:32(UTC)

I hope your Christmas Day went well Chris.

New Year is a traditional time for optimism although for some of us we will struggle with the concept.

We have our families and friends but because of the situation we all find ourselves in, to whatever degree, it's also good to know that we have each other on the forum, so echoing your good wishes Chris I wish you and yours and everyone else on the site


We can't control the winds - but we can adjust our sails
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Posted 26 December 2015 08:53:11(UTC)

Best wishes to you Chris , from another

If life gives you lemons , then make lemonade
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Posted 26 December 2015 10:21:19(UTC)

I hope all went well for you yesterday. Indeed I hope everybody managed to get the best they could out of the day.

I was looking up the roots of Boxing day today so I could explain it to some American friends, I guess over time it has lost its true meaning all together. Not many of us lead Downton Abbey lifestyles these days either "above or below stairs" The old tradition of Christmas boxes for the tradesmen delivering or collecting from houses doesn't quite work for the home shopping delivery by Tesco or Amazon.com even the paper delivery boy/girl and the "binnies" lose out on that nowadays.

Next up is New Years eve with all those resolutons to be made and mostly broken soon after. Then New Years day with all the handshakes and kisses and wishes that this year be better than last etc. The final event in the Christian festive calendar is 12th night, 6th January, the Epiphany or Kings day as it is often called. Decorations down (for those that had them up) The day the kings arrived ...a sort of homecoming and probably the day the stores start selling Easter eggs!

Very best wishes to everybody

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Posted 26 December 2015 17:03:26(UTC)

I think that if you do not make resolutions at new year then they cannot be broken, saves lots of aggro and depression from failing!!

Yes Mo There are summer holidays being advertised already so Valentine's Day, Easter and Mother's Day in full flow soon! Me personally, I am looking forward to Christmas next year only364 days to go!!

Once again happy new year, stay happy and worry tomorrow.

Regards Chris/Woody

Life seems different upside down, take another viewpoint.

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