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Intro – Read this first!

Posted 06 Jan 2016 at 10:50

This is a section for transgender women with prostate cancer. We know that transgender women with prostate cancer are unlikely to attend a face to face support group. Given the likely small numbers of people affected, an online community may be an easier way for people to share experiences and support with others.   


Who can post here?

This area is intended for transgender women. We're not blocking access for anyone else, but we respectfully ask those who don’t self-identify as transgender women not to post here. If posts are made that seem to be from others, please report them and we'll make changes as needed to keep the space focused on those it’s intended for.

Can I post the same question/ comment in more than one topic area?

Yes – Some discussions may be relevant in more than one topic area. However, you may wish to post in this section to easily be able to focus the discussion with others whose life experience/circumstances currently most closely match yours.

Is there a need for this specific area?

We're not sure, and that is why we are trialling it! We know that people benefit from sharing experiences and concerns with others who have similar experiences. We also know that support groups in the community do not tend to attract transgender women as members. We want to offer a space where people can hopefully connect with others with similar experiences.

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