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Ct planning scan

Posted 18 Jan 2016 at 23:10
Hiya. My husband age 73 went for his ct planning scan today and followed all instructions for the past 5 days. Unfortunately they could not do the scan as he was told he had wind in the bowel. He has to go back this Friday. Any suggestions????
Posted 19 Jan 2016 at 00:12

I assume you mean his radiotherapy planning scan? Did they not give him any advice on how to avoid the same problem on Friday? If so, he should follow what he was told as they know better than us where and how much wind there was.

If they didn't give any advice, try to make sure that on Weds / Thurs he avoids foods that he knows give him wind, such as brussel sprouts, and no beer or fizzy drinks. Will he drink peppermint tea?

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Posted 19 Jan 2016 at 07:26

When I had my RT planning session I had the same problem, even though I had had a good movement earlier in the day. We had three goes at the scan, with me going to the loo between each of them. First time there was a small stool but when that came through it left a pocket of wind in front of the prostate, which came through at the next loo trip. The radiotherapist was prepared to persist until he got that perfect scan and we succeeded. How it will work out when the real thing starts remains to be seen.

Posted 19 Jan 2016 at 09:08

Hello Marietta and welcome.

Echo the advice from the others. Not just brussel sprouts though. Any fibrous veg, especially cruciferous (cabbage, cauli,even peas) can cause wind so perhaps a bland diet the day before. Bread sometimes bloats people too

I wish him good luck for the scan. What a pity he didn't have a technician with the same determination as dave, but unfortuntely time's money as far as the NHS is concerned.

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