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Posted 09 Feb 2016 at 23:27

I have been invited to participate in a trial run by UCLH which is sponsored by PCUK called LOCATE.  This stands for Localising Occult Cancer metastasis with Advanced imaging TEchniques.  For me it involves further high quality scans which will be compared with those taken last year in the FOREC AST study which will be used as a base..  The new scans  will likely be done this coming  May.  This is very opportune as my PSA has risen from 0.39  three months ago to 0.49 on 28th January and I hope it can be established whether there remains any cancer in my Prostate after the HIFU I had last year or whether there is Oligometastases.  (I am not sure whether the trial is open to men who have not taken part in the FORECAST trial but wil try to find out).  I will aslo try to find a way to link to the patient information.  I was told the LOCATE scans will not replace the end of year scans I am due to have in July in the FORECAST trial.  



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