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Dad gone, but look at the positives

Posted 26 April 2016 19:03:51(UTC)

Sadly, my father passed away on the 21st April. He was diagnosed with PCa 18 years ago and with secondary prostate cancer in December 2015. My father was 87 when he passed away and the worst thing was not the PCa, but the dementia; he was originally diagnosed with Alhzeimer's and then with vascular dementia. He passed away peacefully at home with his family around him, which was what my mother wanted.

I would like this to be a lesson that having PCa is necessarily going to destroy your life and it was not the PCa that was the problem at the end, but the vascular dementia that was unrelated to his PCa.

I strongly believe that my father died of old age not PCa.

My father was lucky in the 18 years that he had PCa he saw 5 grandchildren graduate from university with 2 going on to be doctors, his grandchildren changing from children to adults and having their own children making him a great grandfather and one granddaughter married.  

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Posted 26 April 2016 20:29:50(UTC)


Thank you for your post, it should be especially valuable to those who have been recently diagnosed.

To know that they can survive prostate cancer for 18 years, and then die of something unrelated, is a very positive message.



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Posted 26 April 2016 20:45:11(UTC)

Well doneTWSM, difficult for you at a time like this but it shows that having PCa need not be a ball and chain, being positive is a better way to deal with it and get on with living and loving.

Regards Chris/Woody

Life seems different upside down, take another viewpoint

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