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Pomi-T and big Pharma

Posted 17 Jun 2016 at 21:30

Has anyone noticed how the price of Pomi-T has gone up recently?  It's unbelievable and I have found the price has risen by some £3 - 4 per pot!!  I always shopped around for the best value online deal and, until the last purchase, was able to get 4 pots at about £11 - 12 each.  Now it's closer to £15.00!

When I saw this I wrote to the manufacturers and was advised that the rights to the production have been bought by a Swiss pharma company - Helsinn.  The increase in cost - get this - is due to improved quality standards - yeah, yeah!!

After my operation I started taking Pomi-T every day and have done so for the last 4 years.  My oncologist at the time was one of the pioneers of the product and had suggested I look at it as a valuable supplement to my diet.  I agree fully with him and have stuck with it and remain with an undetectable PSA after nearly 5 years now.

The point for me is that whether my continued remission is due entirely or in part to the efficacy of Pomi-T is immaterial.  I take it because it gives me the sense and feeling that it is contributing to my continued cancer-free status - it's a comfort.

I am sad that this product is now in the hands of 'big Pharma' and has, as a result, increased so dramatically in price based on what I believe are likely to be specious grounds. 

What do others think about this?  Am I being unreasonable or a bit dull, or are we ending up as victims of the market?


Posted 17 Jun 2016 at 21:48

I also take Pomi-T and feel much the same, there is some evidence for its effectiveness, and the benefit of feeling I am doing something myself is beneficial.

Also agree on the price, 2 years ago I paid £10.92 a pot, now it is £15.15.

Hopefully Helsinn will not muck about with it. I assume that as a supplement it is not heavily regulated.



Posted 18 Jun 2016 at 08:23

The market price is the price folks are prepared to pay. I take it they see those with belief it's at least a comfort food are hooked so they try a price increase.

My comfort is spending that money elsewhere (survived nigh on 12 years without a drop) but is my comfort spend of anymore value than that- who knows?


Posted 18 Jun 2016 at 11:51

Interestingly, now being manufactured in Italy (not Yorkshire) and the recommended intake is 2 capsules (and do not exceed the recommended daily dose), not 2-3 as it was a couple of months ago. Also, the mention of "scientifically tested in a national UK study"together with the evidence blurb on the back has been removed.

Oh, well, let's pop another couple (just in case!)





Posted 18 Jun 2016 at 14:37

I tried to post a link ( 2015 uk study) The write up seemed to refer to AS guys?

Posted 28 Aug 2016 at 11:53

Yes I too have noted the wholly unjustified increase in 2 years. I tackled an online website who promote Pomi T in their information (generally useful especially regarding diets and prostate cancer).

They in turn contacted Helsinn - this is their reply:

"Unlike other supplement they only use highest grade, more expensive ingredients Unlike other supplements they test for authenticity, purity and toxins So not only are these ingredients more expensive these tests add several thousand of pounds to each batch but ensures uniquely superior product. These test are rare for the product at a similar or higher price on the shelfs (sic)of most stores."

And this was my response!

Of course such ingredients must be rigorously tested, we would expect nothing else in a health product aimed at cancer patients. The problem with Helsinn's reasoning however is that such testing surely would have also applied to Pomi - T  two years ago when the price was just about acceptable. Let us not forget that the original testing which brought about the publicity was undertaken using UK manufacturer's capsules. Were these not of high quality - I very much doubt it. 

So what has caused the increase? Certainly not the ingredients. By example, let's take pomegranate, possibly the most expensive ingredient. A Pomi--T capsule has 300mg; Simply Supplements sell 240 capsules for £14.99, and each capsule contains 10,000mg. 

I'm afraid I stand by my assertion that somewhere along the line these increases are the result an exploitation to see what price point the market will tolerate. Meanwhile cancer patients, such as myself, are readily expected accept this. In my case the answer is no  - I will not.


Posted 25 Sep 2016 at 20:30

As far as I can tell, the only difference since Helsinn took over manufacture is that the casing is now vegetarian.  Maybe that is what makes it more expensive.

I was disappointed when I realised manufacture had moved out of this country, but I'm sticking with it.  Robert Thomas's research is pretty solid.

Posted 27 Sep 2016 at 07:14

Hi Guys,

There was a television programme last week, on BBC, that Dr Molesely, (Not sure of the spelling but you know who I mean)

They were doing a trail, with if I remember correctly Newcastle University, giving Turmeric to volunteers and testing how it effected some genetic marker linked to cancer.

The result was that those who introduced turmeric into their cooking showed a marked effect, while those who took a turmeric supplement showed no change.

The conclusion being that something happens to the turmeric in cooking, might be the heat, or the combination with oil or something similar.

They have known for years that this principle applies to tomatoes, raw tomatoes are good for you, but cooked tomatoes are even better, the cooking releases the good stuff in a way which enables your body to absorb it.

So while on the one hand I have been taking Pomi-T for a few years now, it might be time to revert to more curries, more broccoli, and more tomato ketchup?



Posted 27 Sep 2016 at 08:34

My Onco, the one who has a hand in Pomi-T, says that taking the capsules has kept me off HT for longer in this pause phase, so I will be still buying it!


Posted 16 Oct 2019 at 08:49
I started taking Pomi-T a few weeks ago for the turmeric content to help alleviate the pain in my finger joints and to be fair although its only a food supplement it has definitely helped plus my PSA continues to drop.

Need to get some more, got the last batch of Amazon, cost was £17.50 a pot of 60 tablets.

Anyone recommend any other suppliers?


Posted 16 Oct 2019 at 12:17

£16.00 per 60 capsules (+£6.40 p&p) if you buy in bulk (7+ packs).



Posted 16 Oct 2019 at 15:49

Bought 4 packs for £65 from amazon.co.uk yesterday (free delivery even without Prime).

Works out £16.25 per pack of 60.

Posted 16 Oct 2019 at 18:30
Is there any evidence whatsoever that diet can have an impact on the progress of prostate cancer?


Posted 16 Oct 2019 at 19:34

The Prostate Cancer Research Foundation found some limited evidence that diet may slow down or speed up the progression of advanced PCa, but there was no evidence that it makes any difference to men that have had radical treatment or are on AS. 

Turmeric does appear to be a bit of a magic bullet though, with all sorts of health benefits and it seems from posts on here that some medics are more positive about Pomi-T than anything else.

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"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard
Posted 17 Oct 2019 at 10:04

Daily Pomi T, green tea and lycopene didn’t stop my PSA rising 2 years after RP

Posted 17 Oct 2019 at 14:46

but maybe they stopped your PSA rising 1 year after RP.

It's just impossible to know.

I take Pomi-T on the basis it is at worse, harmless, and if it's better than harmless, then good.

Same with MCP, although that does actually have several proper research projects suggesting it's significantly better than harmless.

Posted 17 Oct 2019 at 15:19
Pomi -T has got things in it that cancer doesn't like namely broccoli, Turmeric, pomegranate and green tea.
Turmeric has certainly eased the early morning joint pain the Prostap was giving me so I reckon it's doing more good than harm in my case.

Keep taking the tablets👍
Posted 01 Nov 2019 at 19:12
I use Prosta Phenol it has essentially the same ingredients but is usually cheaper, it’s £10.99 for 60 at the moment Promi-t is £18.22 for 60. I’ve been using both for over 3 years and can’t tell the difference.
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