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HT side effects and information on them

Posted 02 August 2016 11:23:19(UTC)
Hi all

Just to let you all know that PCUK site have just updated their information about the side effects of HT. This was as a result of their survey recently asking for experiences and ways of dealing with them.

It should be helpful to all those "newbies" just starting HT and RT treatments and for those considering which route to take, it gives us all a better knowledge on how to deal with them and is much more informative than before.

Well done PCUK and all those that have contributed to the knowledge bank.


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Posted 02 August 2016 20:28:49(UTC)

Hello everyone,

My mum was recently in hospital over the very hot period of weather and I came across a product called a Chillow which is like a pillow which stays cool for over 4 hours and feels like the coolness of a pillow when you first turn it over, but remains cool rather than heats up under the skin. I bought it for her and it was a bit of a faff to set up but once done offered great relief.

I have not tried the pillow myself but am thinking of getting one for my OH who suffers with the hot flushes especially over night.

I understand that you can get different sizes.

It may be something that other men may want to look at, or for wives to consider as a gift.

I have no connection with the product in any way.

I also found another website called 'not another bunch of flowers' that offers thoughtful gift ideas and cards for people going through Chemo and other illnesses.

Thought I would share with friends on here.

Wishing everyone all the best

Alison x

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