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Down in the dumps so I went hiking!

Posted 15 August 2016 11:29:49(UTC)

Since my prostate was removed in April 2015 my mood has been good. I've been active, I do a lot of hiking and camping and seemed I think to have recovered well.

Between March and June I noticed my mood chagned and I became unmotivated. Whether its anything to do with my prostate I've no idea. Anyway mood changes is not normally what I suffer from, but this time I did.

In the end my wife kicked me up the backside and made me go on a hike in France. Ive just got back and feel great again!

I hiked and camped from Le Puy en Velay, along the GR65 (The Way of St James) until Figeac, then joined the GR6 and hiked to Bergerac. I then caught a train to Bordeaux and flew from there to Gatwick and home.

It was so hard to get going at first but after a day and every passing hiker saying Bonjour to me I started to get into the swing of things. I met some great people, mostly French, Dutch and Germans en route to Figeac and I got drunk with them more than once. Maybe because I'm 71 and hiking alone I seem to get 'adopted' all along the route. I loved it!

When I started on the GR6 I suddenly started to meet English people. Much more reserved that the French, etc, many find it difficult to make eye contact, so I forced them into a greeting by saying loudly "Hello, Bonjour!" It worked well.

My last night in Bergerac was a bit of a disaster. I couldn't find a camp site so had to sleep on a park bench for a few hours until the early train in the morning.

I keep trying to understand what made my mood so low and why my little outing helped me to bounce back? But I have no idea at the moment!

Posted 15 August 2016 12:20:38(UTC)

What a hike, well done to yoi and to your wife for pushing you.

As regards your low mood - cancer of the mind?

Your improved mood - you proved to your mind the game of life isn't over yet

Keep hiking and listening to your wife.


Posted 15 August 2016 12:33:45(UTC)

Welll done GWM.

You put me to shame, not only with your energy and motivation but your will power too.

What an understanding (and knowledgeable ) wife you have

Glad you had a good time and got back safely


We can't control the winds - but we can adjust our sails
Posted 05 September 2016 15:13:55(UTC)

sounds like a very good hike there Gunwharfman. Any particular reason for doing that walk, is it a recognised route?

I have just done the Malerweg in Germany. Looking for a route to do next year now, but have been looking at Asturias region Spain. Did Leon to Santiago last year, but looking for a bit of a more interesting walk.

Posted 22 October 2016 13:57:58(UTC)

Sorry to take so long to reply. I did the GR65 and the GR6 route through central France simply because I changed my mind about another route at the last minute. I planned to hike from Lake Geneva to Nice on the GR5 but began reading about sheepdog problems en route (not keen on dogs, especially ones that bite) so decided to go elsewhere.

I've hiked the Tour du Mont Blanc from Chemonix which I think is one of the best. People come from all over the globe to do it, the campsites, Refuges and so on are really great. I also did half of the Haute Route Chemonix towards Zermatt but had to re-route myself because of deep fresh snow, it was July!

I also downloaded (free) 'Travels with a Donkey in the Cevenne' by Robert Louis Stevenson, read it and then did the walk. The start is also at Le Puy en Velay and goes south towards the Med, again a really great hike, took me 12 days.

I'll be 72 next April and I keep thinking that if I am still healthy next July I might hike the GR10 again, this time the long route of 50 days, but this time from the Med to the Atlantic, just not sure as yet. My wife wants me to hike with others so I am now actively looking for other people who might want to 'have a go'. I've now had three blood test and have been told I'm now fine. My next one next March will be done over the phone, I'll get my blood taken, then a week later the hospital will phone me. If I'm Ok fine, if not I will go back to the hospital as usual.

In June this year I re-hiked the Pennine Way, north to south, took me 19 days and then recently met up with some strangers for 3 days of circular hiking at Malham, a great place. I camped, they stayed in B & B's. Good fun, good company, good food and lots of beer! I meet with such people via the site www.walkingforum.co.uk.

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