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Posted 01 September 2016 17:22:26(UTC)

An interesting bit of research. Early days but look's quite promising.

 Here's s summary....




and here's the science....





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Posted 02 September 2016 11:13:56(UTC)
Hi Flexi
I read this and looked up some other articles on old style chemo drugs. I think the breakthrough is not so much the drug but the carriers they are finding that actually bind to the drug to ensure it targets the cancerous activity. Better results with less side effects.

So much amazing research where combining chemo with immunotherapy drugs gives the potential for long term remission and even a cure for advanced cancers.
Although sadly too late for many they give much hope for the future.
Thanks for sharing
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Posted 02 September 2016 13:23:28(UTC)

Hi Mo,

Yes, if the science can be repeated in a "human" trial and the results replicated, it could be the breakthrough we need, not just for prostate cancer but others too. Hope they get the funding.


Posted 03 September 2016 08:38:12(UTC)

I shudder when I see a 'breakthrough' headline, because they are invariably things that have just passed very early tests, and most will never see the light of day, and others are several years away.

Don't get me wrong - kudos to the researchers, and I have my fingers crossed. But I have zero respect for journalists, especially those who should know better!


-- Andrew --

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