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Ht and temper ( anger )

Posted 05 September 2016 08:20:49(UTC)

Hi all,

         since going on HT i seem to fly off the handle with the wife at the slightest thing........even the slightest thing, seems like a major problem and my reaction to things, really does not match the problem.........is this just me or have any of the rest of you guys on HT found yourself reacting like this?

          Luckily for me, the wife, gives as good s she gets, and she puts it down to the HT.....If any of you know of anything i can try to calm me down then please please help .



Posted 05 September 2016 12:36:27(UTC)

Hi Shaun
I have recently been on Bicalutamide 150mg for nearly year. My wife would probably say I was an irritable git before this , but we both agree it has made my emotions and mood even worse , especially with a 6 yr old exacerbating things. Yes it changes you a bit. Im glad your wife deals with it. My wife is Scottish and scares me sometimes. Obviously on top of all this you have the stress that knowing you have cancer brings. Not easy all round. Hang on in there and good luck

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Posted 05 September 2016 18:18:29(UTC)

Hi Shaun,
My Husband had really bad mood swings on HT obviously as women we are used to it and have strategies for the most part to help. My husband practiced mindfulness and meditation as the mood swings can be quite scary. Diet is also more important now and alcohol and sugary foods can also affect your moods. Having a cancer diagnosis is also though a very difficult bit of news to come to terms with. I said to my husband the other day do you think people understand how you feel when you are told you have cancer and he was very adamant that nobody can know what thats like unless you have been through it. My husband is beginnig to realise the importance and power of talking about his fears and feelings not easy for him as he really isnt used to it. Its good to let your feelings out and talk to your wife about how you are feeling and lastly exercise if you are up to it is excellent too. Best of Luck!

Posted 05 September 2016 20:11:34(UTC)
I would also speak to your nurse specialist, GP or oncologist - whoever you feel most comfortable talking to.

-- Andrew --

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