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Do you have any tips for men dealing with prostatitis? - Prostatitis

Posted 14 Sep 2016 at 14:33

Hello, I'm Kay, I'm in the Health Information Team here at Prostate Cancer UK. I'm creating a new guide for men with prostatitis. It’s going to live on our website and we want it to have lots of practical tips on how to manage the different aspects of prostatitis.

Can you tell us about any thing you’ve found that helps you? I’d love to be able to share  your ideas with other men. For example, have you found things that help with:

o   urinary problems, such as needing to rush to the loo

o   travel – going on holiday, or simply driving to work

o   work – for example agreeing arrangements with your employer

o   relieving stress

o   anything that helps lift your mood when it’s getting you down

o   any food and drinks that made a difference, or exercise

o   anything else you’ve found helpful.


Please post here or get in touch with any suggestions. A big thank you, and all the best, from Kay

Posted 14 Sep 2016 at 16:09
Hello. It will be interesting to see whether anyone comes up with any ideas. My other half has been suffering with what the consultant says is prostatitis since he had the biopsy, it got much worse after brachy. Now every time he goes to the toilet it burns like hell and sitting is very painful. He's a farmer and currently ploughing all day. So he's in quite a bit of pain. Nothing seems to treat it. I'd love to find an answer from somewhere!
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