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Confused and concerned...

Posted 02 November 2016 22:06:44(UTC)
My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 4-5 months ago and has yet to have any treatment as far as we are aware. He's a very private man and doesn't like a fuss so I'm concerned (and possibly slightly paranoid) that he's hiding something from us because surely he should have had some sort of treatment by now?
He hasn't been well for over a year and we forced him to go to the doctors around April/May time...to be told he had cancer. Dad has had the biopsy, MRI scan and has been told he will need to have an operation to remove his prostate.
In your opinion when should he have started this procedure? Or is he hiding something from us to try and protect his children?
Posted 03 November 2016 10:34:15(UTC)


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