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Viberect any good for penile rehab?

Posted 20 Nov 2016 at 18:47

Just been on the iMEDicare web site ( http://www.imedicare.co.uk ) and seen the Viberect vibration therapy device. This is suggested  for use with their pump (SOMAerect). It looks like it may be more fun than other treatments, but has anyone tried one?

They are not cheap,but if they work I may give it a try.

I have been told that my surgeon will perform double nerve sparing, so I will be eager to make sure his efforts are not wasted.


Good luck to all.


Posted 20 Nov 2016 at 19:43
Sounds interesting!

We were told pre op that both lots of nerves would be saved,but at consent only said one side.It's ok as we are back to pre op status now.

Good luck!!

Posted 20 Nov 2016 at 20:30

I don't know anyone that has used or tried this yet!! I'm not denying it may be of some use but I still think it is at a very early stage yet , or we would all be using it. However Imedicare seems to be a good site and I have used their pump for 17 months.
It's a long long journey getting recovery except for the very lucky few. However 17 months has passed more quickly than I thought, and I've still been having fun , and things are starting to improve slowly.
I'd save your money but that is a personal opinion.

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Posted 20 Nov 2016 at 20:56

If you put Viberect into the search box it will pull up all previous posts for you. HenryA has one and I think Johnny may have tried it as well. In 'erecting the erection' we had a discussion that might interest you; one of my comments is pasted below.
Probably best for you not to rush ahead and buy things or make decisions now before you even have the op - who knows whether circumstances will change. I would urge you to clarify whether there is an ED / andrology clinic in your area and whether it should be the surgeon or your GP that refers you. The sooner you have a referral after the op, the sooner you can get going (safely) with getting some function.

Posted: 21 April 2016 16:22:34
I would be very cautious about the Viberect John - the research on its efficacy was done with a group of men from age 25 - 40 (mean age was 26.9), none of whom had ED. For men with partial erections, the stimulation may produce a stronger, firmer hard on but it is not going to produce an erection in a man unless his nerves have repaired. It might be more useful (and cheaper) to buy a TENS machine. That's not to say the viberect mightn't be fab for getting an orgasm but don't rely on it to cure ED.

My other concern would be to check with the urologist or oncologist first. The vibration should in theory be like a very, very vigorous hand-job only much more so but I would want to know whether there is any risk of activating / dispersing any left-over cancer cells. That may not be the case but conscious that men with PCa shouldn't have back massages etc except from a physio / masseur / chiro that is specially trained, I wonder whether this could carry the same risk?

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