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Anyone considered a focal treatment

Posted 20 December 2016 05:14:15(UTC)
Hi all,

My husband had a PSA of 3.5 from his company medical n November, re performed by NHS gave the same result. Father in law died of PCa in June aged 78 ( diagnosed at 72.

My husband is 53 and his Contrast MRI should abnormalities which were aimed for during his biopsy performed under general anaesthetic. Initial information is it is not benign but nor is it nad...seeing consultant on Thursday for full results

Our consultant is a surgeon who mentioned surgery very positively on first meeting and publishes his stats live...

I am very concerned about the quality of life and mental implications for my husband

Has anyone any experience of focal therapy being chosen by a younger man?


Posted 20 December 2016 19:21:11(UTC)

I think it unlikely that there will be many young men here (UK based site), who have had a form of focal therapy, especially as a primary treatment as it has generally been used and comparatively in few cases at that, as a salvage treatment for failed RT, at least in the NHS. Some men may have had it privately though.

There is a site established by the late Australian Terry Herbert that includes a wider spread of men from various countries. It breaks down treatment in various ways including type with results and also has mentors. This might prove a useful resource for you Clare if you work your way round it. The site is called YANA (You Are Not Alone now) http://www.yananow.org/

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Posted 20 December 2016 19:49:10(UTC)

Thank you Barry. I will certainly have a good read of that .. Much appreciate all advise and experience sharing.

Research continues and does the wait till Thursday!



Posted 22 December 2016 18:13:31(UTC)

My husband (now age 66) had his diagnosis 3 years ago and has been on active surveillance. Things changed earlier this year and he was advised to have treatment. He had focal cyrotherapy 3 weeks ago. He chose that over RP as he thought it might be a less traumatic surgery with fewer side effects. It hasn't been plain sailing, though it is early days
Good luck

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Posted 22 December 2016 23:39:08(UTC)

Thank you for sharing.

Oh gosh - we all need a magic wand don't we!

Really appreciate having people yo 'talk' to though who really understand.

Have a great Christmas


Posted 23 December 2016 09:54:04(UTC)

Basically, what I was told was that as a young man(46), it was best to remove the cancer by surgery as I can have radiotherapy afterwards. I liked the idea of a plan B. But, as I said earlier, I was given little choice.- my tumour was such that everyone on the multi disciplinary team recommended surgery. My GP told me they tend to be more radical in their treatment of young men.

Posted 23 December 2016 15:51:37(UTC)

Thanks W

I read the 2016 audit report that was published last week and for the low risk guys like my husband with G6 the 10 year survival rate for those choosing AS was exactly the same as for those choosing surgery. The report also expressed concerns about over treatment of G6 still being an issue in the UK and that AS should be considered s very valid option.

So will speak with oncologist next re radiotherapy options but jury very much still out her!

Then choosing AS leads you back to this weeks news on TOOKAD which our performed AS! At this clinical trial...

It's like a game of rock, paper and scissors! Lol!

So I've sent the report and MRI to the Stebabiotech people as they asked as if he's not suitable it's one less decision!

Research goes on! It's my wa!

' time spent on reconnaissance is never wasted'

Posted 23 December 2016 16:49:49(UTC)

I so wanted G6 rather than the G7 I got. Obviously, I didn't want any Gleason Score - you know what I mean. If I were in your shoes, I'd be in absolute research mode too and I would have loved the option of active surveillance.

Take some time off for Christmas! I wish you much wisdom in coming to your decision.

Posted 23 December 2016 18:25:37(UTC)

Thank you W ... They say this is the 'good cancer to get!' ... What's that about!

It sounds to me like you are making good progress and our surgeon stats show lots of full recovery guys after surgery with all the new medications doing a fab job for many. If we had been told G7 yesterday I am pretty sure our decision would be the same as yours.

I will take some time off, funnily this week I have been taken out by a bad chest infection so am a bit laid up .... He with the new cancer diagnosis is as fit as a fiddle ( apart from the biopsy bruising!) and is at the supermarket with his list... Life eh!

I think I should make. 'Time spent on reconnaissance is never wasted' my strap line! Wisdom comes from knowledge in my experience.

People sharing their experiences has been the most helpful thing through this difficult two weeks and I have found having somewhere to share such a relief as we keep smiling through normal life...

Onwards to your recovery now - one day at a time. Sending you all best wishes


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