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PSA rising after prostate removed

Posted 10 March 2017 16:31:56(UTC)

My Dad had his prostate removed Januray 2015 and blood tests today revealed that his PSA has risen to 0.66, can anyone tell me more about this please? They are sending him for an urgent scan. Is 0.6 high following prostate removal?

Posted 10 March 2017 17:44:58(UTC)

Hi Roman, sorry to see this. Yes, anything over 0.2 indicates either some cancer was left behind in the prostate bed or it had already spread somewhere before the op. What were his previous PSA results and when?

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Posted 11 March 2017 07:40:19(UTC)
Hi and thank you for your reply, his blood test PSA IN January was 0.4 and has risen to 0.6 in 2 weeks.
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