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Getting PSA results

Posted 17 March 2017 20:47:31(UTC)
Does anyone else have trouble getting their PSA results. I gave blood at the beginning of the week. I had an oncologist appointment booked for next Tuesday but they've cancelled until the following week. So not being a person who likes to dilly dally not knowing I rang the secretary but she said they take two weeks er I don't think so. So she said I will ask the Dr to ring you as I'm not allowed to tell you. Honest I don't mind, I've just confirmed my date of birth, my hospital number, my address,, what fxxkin colour underwear I'm wearing and the name of my pet budgie who died in 1972. But no.

Did the Dr ring. Course not and to be honest why should he. But there should be a way I can ask and get my results without being given the run around.

Do others have similar difficulties

Posted 17 March 2017 22:23:29(UTC)

My PSA results get to the Doctor/Surgeon in 3/4 days

Posted 17 March 2017 22:26:56(UTC)

Thanks Nomad but do they willingly tell you the results


Posted 17 March 2017 22:41:49(UTC)

It doesn't matter whether my GP or Onco asked for the test. The result takes about 24hrs. I phone my prostate specialist nurse who was assigned to me from day one and they get back to me same day. Guess I'm lucky. Secretaries will NOT give results and neither will my GP's receptionists.

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Posted 17 March 2017 22:53:08(UTC)

Simalar to CJ, specialist nurse gives me the result over the phone. On one occasion the specialist nurse sent me for a PSA at the hospital and said the result would be available in an hour.

Thanks Chris
Posted 17 March 2017 23:14:40(UTC)
Blood test on Wednesday picked up results today. From GP who did the bloods form.

Receptionist said 'nothing to worry about' but when explained they need scanning to USA she printed them all.

Our GP's have been ace to be fair!
Posted 17 March 2017 23:41:12(UTC)

PSA test takes about 5-7 days for results from lab to be back with GP Practice. Receptionist not allowed to give figure unless I call on surgery and result has been seen by GP. The result is then printed and handed to me. So it seems this reluctance to pass results over the phone is quite widespread.

Posted 18 March 2017 00:28:09(UTC)

Hi Brian

South?  Devon must be atypical. I don't see a GP.

I organise my own test with Nurse every 3 months.

PSA test takes about 3 working days turnaround  (although I'm told, it often is less than 48 hrs)

I ring up GP practice after 3 to 4 days ish.

Receptionist gives me the result as 'Satisfactorily**'   (and I then ask for specific value, which she reads out)

The procedure seems to be :  ** Any GP at practice will have seen results and 'tags' file accordingly to 1 of 3 codes  for all patients

Satisfactorily being the one requiring no further action,  not sure the exact wording on the other 2, however those would require further attention.  I was curious why the word 'satisfactorily' was being used.  I believe there are only '3 pull downs' fields they can use, so seems a logical and simple system.     There must be notes of file re. the value should be less than 0.01 in my case.     That result is then emailed to my consultant (or they say it is and it had been on all other occasions, so no reason to doubt the system will fail and even if it did , I would follow up anyway).   

Obviously I have to state who I am, on calling, that's just name, address and I don't think they always ask for DOB.   (and no password or Patient No etc).   Again I've never asked what would happen if the result was not 'satisfactory re. their procedures.  Would GP ring ?.   



Posted 18 March 2017 06:49:06(UTC)
24 hours for my results if I get them done at the hospital. I then call my specialist nurse who gives me them over the phone. I've had excellent service thus far.

Posted 18 March 2017 06:56:44(UTC)

Gary has his blood test about 4.30 on a Monday and they're ready when he sees consoltant on Tuesday am ,so pretty quick turnaround .also our surgery offers a service where you can access your records online ,ask about that and then you can just look them up .
Best wishes

Posted 18 March 2017 07:56:55(UTC)

Next day seems the norm for me, but when I am undertaking Chemo blood results are available in 1 hour normally.



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Posted 18 March 2017 08:26:06(UTC)
Hi Bri
When I have them at the hospital I get the result straight away PSA takes 1hour and 20 minutes, well that the best so fat
The couple of times I have had bloods at GP surgery result are available to view online 48 hrs later

Have you signed up to veiw online

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Posted 18 March 2017 09:36:47(UTC)

Wouldn't no how to Si. I had the bloods taken at the hospital in Donny and results sent to Weston Park. My understanding is the blood has to be analysed quite soon after it's given. Perhaps the delay is getting the results to WP.
Hope the carrier pigeon made it


Posted 18 March 2017 10:58:30(UTC)
I'm at Guy's new cancer centre. Results in one hour ready for consultation.
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Posted 18 March 2017 11:49:50(UTC)

If done at the hospital, they're ready in a week, but need to call. If done at the GP surgery, again about a week, and also need to call.


The difference for me is that at the hospital I speak to a member of the hospital prostate team who knows the difference between a "<" sign and not.


Posted 18 March 2017 12:08:34(UTC)

Here's the info you need Bri - an overview and a link to how to register.


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Posted 19 March 2017 12:55:49(UTC)

I work in a GP surgery and we can only give the comment from the GP e.g. Satisfactory. Although the values are available for me to see they can only be given by a clinician, this is to ensure the patient is properly counselled if the result is not as expected.
I checked for my husbands result having expected it to drop but was devastated when his PSA had risen to 12.8, not a good experience.
The results in our surgery are usually available within 24hrs

Posted 08 April 2017 21:32:49(UTC)
My father took the doctor's secretary a huge box of chocolates. She phones the results through to the GP. He phones the results through to him.

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