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My Fathers diagnosis with SMALL CELL PROSTATE CANCER

Posted 02 Apr 2017 at 15:50

HI everyone, 

I am starting this after reading Cookigirls thread about her story of small cell prostate cancer of her dad and his journey. That was such an inspiration to me as her dad is still here after being diagnosed in 2012/ 2015. 

my father 85 also was first diagnosed with what they thought was just regular prostate cancer and then after doing a TURP surgery to help him with his bladder and ease the size of his prostate then was diagnosed with small cell prostate.  He is not dealing with it well and is really down. I try to be strong and positive but its very hard to see someone you love suffer and become weak. reading Cookie girls story has been an inspiration knowing that her case maybe the exception and not the rule. Any way i welcome any comments and advice or experiences anyone has had with this type of cancer. We are currently contemplating CHEMO for dad and i am kind of scared that he is too weak and old to handle it. 

Any words of wisdom are appreciate it. 


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