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Dealing With Symptoms - Symptoms

Posted 14 Apr 2017 at 21:40

I would like to hear how younger men have dealt with some of the annoying symptoms (irrespective of how trivial) of PCa treatments and share some of the strategies I have adopted.  There are a few threads on ED (so lets not cover those), however I am mostly interesting in dealing with the other areas on one's life - work and leisure.

At Work - I work in an office

1) Inform HR of your diagnosis.  Even if you don't tell colleagues/boss keep HR informed just in case

2) Take loo stops before long meetings.  Even if you don't think you want to go, its better than having excuse yourself during a meeting (esp if you're presenting)

3) Plan loo time in your diary.  I used to be back-to-back meetings all day- now my PA builds in 15 minute breaks.

4) Keep some spare pants and pads in your desk.  I have not needed these, but I know they are there if I do

5) Don't go back to work immediately after a hospital appointment.  I found I couldn't get my head back into work mode after visits to my surgeon or oncologist.  I now book these for late afternoon or book the rest of the day off


I was very worried about a planned ski trip three months into my treatment.  I was especially worried about being caught short on the slopes or having an accident if I hit a mogul.  In fact its was not a problem.  I dialed back the level of skiing a bit with easier pistes, took any loo stop opportunities I could and reduced my fluid intact in the morning to one cup of tea.  I had no issues.

I found similar with other sports events when you are out for a while - watching football, rugby etc.  Managing the fluid intake ahead of the game meant I could sit through the match.  However , it does mean no pints in the pub beforehand.


I look forward to hearing about other top tips.




Posted 15 Apr 2017 at 10:03

Thanks for the post Craig.

I'm sure it will be of help to some of our men

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