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Feeling really positive

Posted 22 April 2017 15:50:03(UTC)
In July 2016 - I noticed a small speck of blood in my urine. I made a quick appointment to see my GP. He decided to send me for a PSA blood test. The reading came back - 40!

He was concerned and sent me to an urologist at my local hospital. Further tests were ordered - MRI / CT / biopsies. The results of which showed I had locally advanced PC. A bone scan followed and thankfully came back clear. One piece of positive news.

I then had an appointment with an urology consultant - who prescribed a course of hormone treatment prior to a course of radiotherapy. The PSA test was taken prior to the hormone treatment - it had. Ow fallen to 28. Still too high.

I was lucky enough to be eligible for a special course of radiotherapy - called DELINEATE. This was a project being offered by my treatment hospital. It meant that I would be having four weeks of intense radiotherapy instead of the usual seven weeks. Prior to the radiotherapy - I had to have three 'gold markers' implanted - which helps the radiographers to see clearly where the intensive blasts would be given.

Prior to the radiotherapy - I started hormone treatment (4 months before commencement of treatment) - the PSA at the end of this fell to 0.95. A drastic drop.

I then started my four weeks of intensive radiotherapy. I was lucky that I was only a short bus ride away from my local cancer hospital. The treatment was painless and I was so well looked after by the staff.

I attended the hospital a month after the treatment finished for another PSA test. The level was lower again - now 0.08. My consultant said that this reading was very good and that everything was as it should be. I will now be monitored regularly to watch how the PSA levels go. I will continue on hormone treatment for another few months and then further PSA tests to observe how levels go.

I feel really well now. I kept a positive attitude throughout the diagnosis and treatment - which I am sure helped with successful outcome. I would advise anyone diagnosed with PC to keep positive - it's a tonic that helps your treatment to be more successful.

If anyone wants to ask questions - please message me.

Good luck to my fellow sufferers.

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Posted 23 April 2017 16:24:11(UTC)

What a lovely positive post David. Thank you for encouraging others.

I'm sure your input will help others in the same situation

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