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Stuck with catheter after Anastomotic leak post Radical Prostatectomy

Posted 23 April 2017 19:18:29(UTC)

Cystogram Friday has confirmed leakage on internal joint work after RP - Catheter now still in after 4 weeks and another Cysto booked for two weeks time. Sick as hell if im honest and not sure whats next if this doesnt heal soon.

Has anyone experienced similar complications after De-Vinci RP and if so what was the eventual outcome - this has set me back weeks as the 1st catheter removal after 1 week was a complete disaster.

Posted 23 April 2017 21:01:40(UTC)

Tony - so sorry to read of your setbacks and complications.  I can't comment on them as I haven't experienced what you're going through, but wanted to wish you well.


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Posted 23 April 2017 21:33:04(UTC)
Hi Tony

I feel for you. I've just reread original post and my earlier reply.

You said you had a hard day when catheter first came out? Do you mean you were in pain or had been working hard ?

Have you been told exactly what has happened and suggested way forward.. unfortunately I have no experience or seen this on forum and I'm no medical person.
Were you ever told what caused your escruciating pain.?

From my meagre understanding the join is sutured and obviously they test it's sealed by saline in bladder etc.. ie a pressure test. I've seen posts on forum re. Hemoclips moving or coming undone, however no idea if those are used on the join. Have you spoken direct to the surgeon who performed your op yet ?
Hopefully you are sorted out and everything heals. .
All the best

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Posted 23 April 2017 22:47:02(UTC)

Not quite in the same situation as you were but there may be some similar issues.

Sorry to hear of you continued problems. The hem-o-lok clips Gordon mentioned are to seal blood vessels during the da vinci op they do drop off and and settle in the pelvic area but as in my case one migrated into the bladder and two of them migrated into the urethra, all on separate occasions over a couple of years, they are not used on the joint. The anastomosis is joined using a suture sometimes it is a barbed suture to prevent anything‚Äč slipping. Again as said, the joint is tested to make sure it is watertight.

My DaVinci was recorded and I assume that it is standard practice and your surgeon may be able to go back and look at the op.

Bladder neck Strictures at the anastomosis in the urethra are caused for several reasons,over tightening the sutures and urine leaking through the joint, your surgeon probably spent an hour on that joint.

My surgeon is convinced that the trauma of pulling the Catheter out when it got stuck caused my ongoing problems.

We all are different and I am not suggesting you will suffer the same issues as myself,have a look at my profile and links to conversations.

I know If I have to have uretheral reconstruction they will go in via the perineum. In you case I am not sure if they can go back in using the same route as the original Da Vinci.

I can only assume they are confident the joint will heal in the next few weeks and I hope all goes well.

Thanks Chris
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