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Where does this lead?

Posted 06 May 2017 17:10:31(UTC)

Hi, I am 72 years old and enjoy good health apart from raised blood pressure which is under control. For a long time I have tried to see and talk to my GP but always got put off by the receptionist on the desk asking so many personal questions. In the end, I got to my GP. I had a PSA test of 12.5 and had a digital examination. My GP said my prostate was slightly enlarged but smooth but I should have further tests as I was having difficulty in passing urine. I saw the urologist who also did a digital test and again said the same as my GP and should live to a good old age but he advised an MRI scan and biopsy. I had the MRI and when I went for the biopsy yesterday I was told the MRI was clear. 10 samples were taken and I have to wait two weeks for the result. I am extremely worried and I look on this as a death sentence. 

Should I be worried?

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Posted 06 May 2017 21:00:37(UTC)

Hello Barrie and welcome to the group.
First off you should certainly not see this as a death sentence.
Digital exam didn't feel anything unusual or tumour like, MRI didn't detect anything tumour like either. Your PSA is a little elevated but not alarmingly so.
The only way to prove or disprove cancer is through a biopsy. This may show that you have cancer cells and if you do it will tell you how aggressive they are 3+3 being the least aggressive and 5+5 the most.
One thing to note is that a large proportion of guys your age will have some cancer cells in their prostate. The treatments offered if they do find anything will depend on the type of cancer found.
If they are all grade 3 then the treatment may be to do nothing and actively monitor you.
Of course they may also find no cancer and put your symptoms down to an enlarged prostate alone.
Bottom line. Don't panic.

Posted 07 May 2017 07:58:13(UTC)
Hi I Barrie
I think everyone is unnerved when they are told that they might have PCa but everything The Wife has said is right for the reasons she has given.
Even if you are diagnosed there are so many different forms of treatment out there and so many brilliant people who will explain and discuss them with you but you need to ask questions in order to ensure that you understand what is going on.
The experiences I have had so far would suggest that you have to cultivate a lot of patience and never jump to conclusions. At the moment you are worried about the prospect of having cancer but nobody has confirmed that you have it yet. If you haven't then that's great if you have then there is plenty that can be done.
You may notice that physically you feel no different to how you felt before seeing your GP so just focus on that fact and carry on as before.
Enjoy each day and deal with each set of facts as they materialise.
Loads of great people on this Forum who are willing to share experiences and advice as many of them have years of experience, which in itself should give you comfort.
All the best and let us know how you get on.

Posted 07 May 2017 11:48:12(UTC)

Hi Barrie

i was in a similar situation

my DRE was smooth but enlarged

my first psa 5.2

followed by another psa 6 mths later risen to 8.0

had 10 biopsies in march

got full results last wednesday

BPE  enlarged prostate 68gms

all 10 sample negative

have to wait 6 months for psa retest to see if any change

i am 66


so basically don't worry it all sounds good

overall i have had 9 months of hell, but in the end all seems to be on the right track, 

We are never 100% clear, but all looks good for me and i would say you sound in  the same situation

pm if you want more details

read my profile


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