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Do you want to find ways to self-manage some of the effects of prostate cancer?

Posted 12 Jun 2017 at 16:43

Dealing with symptoms of prostate cancer and side effects of treatment can be difficult. We’ve developed interactive guides to help you work out what could help you take control.

We are looking for men who want to learn new ways to manage the impact of sexual problems, fatigue and urinary problems on their lives and who are willing to share their views on whether our new guides have been helpful.

Your feedback will help us make sure the guides are as useful as possible for everyone using them.

To take part, you would just need to do the following.

- Select the guide that you think would help you most: How to manage sex and relationships, How to manage fatigue or How to manage urinary problems.

- Go through as much or as little of the guide that’s relevant to you.

- Answer some questions via telephone when you’ve finished using the guide.

If you would like to help please email: yourfeedback@prostatecanceruk.org

Health Information Team
Prostate Cancer UK



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