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Dad has likelihood of prostrate cancer dianosis

Posted 09 Jul 2017 at 15:10
Hi, my dad recently visited the doctor with symptoms of prostrate issues. The doctor took a blood sample and unfortunately the results came back with excessively high PSA levels. He has now undergone a dre with 10 biopsies taken! Both his doctor and the specialist are advising that in all likelihood because the rating is so high, 122, that he will have cancer and a full body scan has already been ordered. The thing I can't understand is how they can say that until results are received! However given how high the psa rating is I'm now very worried as to what stage the cancer might be at! My dad is 76 and I'm sure he will decide against surgery should it be one of the only options, and advice, shared experience would really be appreciated
Posted 09 Jul 2017 at 19:48

Cmacinnes, you are understandably confused. A digital rectal examination (Dre) is nothing to do with a biopsy. The biopsy probably involved 10 samples being taken. The results will show in a Gleason score x+y, where each unknown is a number from one to five, giving a total of up to ten. Ten years ago my score was 4+5=9. I'm still going strong, so worry ye not! The scan is to determine how far the cancer has spread, if at all, outside the prostate area. That will determine the treatment options. It would be surprising with a PSA such as your Dad has, if surgery is offered as an option, but it may be. The key thing for you and he to remember is that prostate cancer survivors live for many years after diagnosis, as in my own example, and still live active and fu!filling lives.

My advice is to trust in your medical advisors, prepare well for meetings with them, lots of written questions and make a note of their answers, think about them and get back with further questions. The NHS cancer specialists are very good in my experience and very tolerant of "silly questions", so don't be shy.

Lots of people on this site have been where you and your Dad are going so ask away and we'll all try to help.


Posted 17 Jul 2017 at 13:07
Thank you your words of advice and sharing your experiences! My dad has his bone scan today, they don't seem to be looking at any other organs at the moment which seems to have given him some peace which is important regardless! He has his results tomorrow from the biopsies and will discuss his treatment plan then! He seems to be fairly positive now that he is in the best hands so we shall take it a step at a time
Posted 26 Jul 2017 at 22:02
So following on from earlier posts the news has certainly not been good, my dad has been diagnosed with prostrate cancer and now secondary cancer after bone scan! Now waiting on soft tissue scan and it fills me with dread as to what news that may bring! I hope and pray that it will be clear as I think my dad has more than enough to fight with what he has so far! At least after that we can get some treatment started to help him with the pain during the night so he can get some rest!
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