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An Update

Posted 15 July 2017 23:15:08(UTC)

It's sometime since I've been on here, so I thought it was time I gave an update.  I had robotic surgery at Christie's in April 13.

Healthwise, PSA is still<0.1, I still need a pad day which is easily liveable with and is just part of day to day life, and have now started with Caverject 10mg. WOW! I'd forgotten what an erection felt like.

I have also started a small annual golf competition at my club to raise a small amount for the charity. I hoped for about £200 per year, but we had a great start raising £520.

I am also playing some of the best golf of my life, which is a real bonus at 64.  I still feel exceptionally lucky my cancer was found early enough having seen my dad die of PCa nearly 2 years ago.  With my mother-in-law passing away in April last year, times haven't been easy, but my other half and I have managed lots of socials, if not a holiday, so we are able to enjoy ourselves despite dealing with estates and my mum, who has little short term memory.

Still feeling very grateful for life. Many in full health have to put up with far worse than me.  To those who are beginning their PCa journey, life changes, but it definitely hasn't been the end of the world for me.

Stay Calm And Carry On.
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Posted 16 July 2017 15:39:24(UTC)

Thanks for the positive update Paul.
Lovely to hear from you.

Best wishes for continued success

We can't control the winds - but we can adjust our sails
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Posted 18 July 2017 02:40:01(UTC)

Hi Paul,

Good to hear from you again.

Great news that your PSA results are still good.  It so reassuring that, in spite of having that feeling that your whole life is going to be ruined by your diagnosis, life still does go on, even though a it's little more challenging.

Good luck in the future.  Keep in touch with us all here, and hope the golf goes well.


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