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Pump suggestion

Posted 20 July 2017 10:36:52(UTC)
Hi I am Ian. Six weeks post robotic surgery which was painless and had a curative outcome. Regarding vaccum pump types ,I am new to the site but not have seen anyone writing about the bathmate pump. I tried the bathmate hydramax prior to my operation to increase blood flow etc. but found it too powerful ,it felt that it was going to pull my penis clean off. I now have a lower powered version called the Hercules which is ideal and gives me a good erection and has the advantage that there is no rubber gripping the base of the penis as it is filled with water prior to use and sucks on the whole penis. The cheapest I found was on the Love Your Toy site. Hope this info is of some use.
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Posted 20 July 2017 15:24:23(UTC)

Thanks for the information Ian. I'm sure it will be of interest to some

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Posted 20 July 2017 15:46:36(UTC)
Hi Ian. You might be interested in my post "we have the names of pumps, now what?" but it seems like you are ahead of the curve and her to g on with things good and early. My OH wasn't keen to research and not ready to listen to me so we aren't even as far along as you 9 months post robotic RP. We have been kindly promised a pump from one on this site whose OH who has graduated (!!). In Ireland the cost of pumps is prohibitive and we don't even get free Cialis beyond the 4 a month we got for 6 months post op! So looking forward to him trying that pump when it arrives. Will look up the one you recommend in the meantime. Best of luck with the rehab and great news on the success of the Op!
Posted 20 July 2017 18:47:09(UTC)
Thanks . The pump is £57 on www.loveyourtoy.co.uk . I hope things straighten out for you . All the best . Ian
Posted 26 July 2017 07:19:00(UTC)

The bath mate is probably okay for penile health but will not help men with ED to experience penetration

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Posted 27 July 2017 09:22:37(UTC)
Hi thanks for the reply . I use an adjustable penis ring (lasso type) which of course keeps the blood in the penis. Having read other posts re a cold penis when using a pump the advantage of the Bathmate is that as it is filled with warm water the penis stays quite warm.
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