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Aftercare robotic surgery

Posted 27 July 2017 19:00:02(UTC)
My dad had his robotic surgery two weeks ago tomorrow (Friday). He has had his catheter removed on Tuesday and has had varying advice regarding drinking. Surgeons told him to limit his fluid intake where as he's been told by other medical staff to drink plenty. Anyone able to help witg advice?
Posted 27 July 2017 20:39:59(UTC)

I didn't alter what I drank nor the amount tbh , whether it be juice , squash , wine , beer , coffee etc. I just got on with it. I was dry almost from day one but did have probs with urgency and bed wetting occasionally and even a bleed when I over did it once. Everything in moderation maybe

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Posted 27 July 2017 20:58:00(UTC)

I know what you mean with contradictory advice. I was told cut down on caffeine and drink 2 to 3 litres of water in addition to other fluids, then other staff said 2 litres a day including other drinks.

Keep an eye on the colour of his urine, lighter is supposed to be better than darker.

Thanks Chris
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Posted 28 July 2017 05:23:19(UTC)
This seems to make sense to me as I know caffeine makes you wee more. Thanks, I'll tell him this!
Posted 31 July 2017 08:29:15(UTC)

I followed the advice to start with - plenty to drink but only non-caffeinated and extremely modest alcohol intake. In my case there was quite a lot of leakage, I started needing around 8 pads a day and that slowly improved over months. I think they want to discourage people trying to deal with the leaks by drinking less, partly because more concentrated urine will probably irritate the bits of the urethra that are still healing and partly because the only way your body will learn how to hold a good bladder-full of urine is giving it practice.

About six months after the operation I was getting tired of carrying my own supply of decaffeinated tea bags and experimented. Ordinary tea seemed fine for me (and I customarily drink quite a lot of tea). On the other hand caffeinated coffee quite dramatically increased leakage and the effect seemed to continue for 24 hours. I am about to try again and see if that has improved.

I also found alcoholic drinks OK, certainly up to about 5 units an evening of wine or beer. I can imagine spirits (which I don't drink myself) might be more of a problem if drunk straight.

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