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prostate cancer risks and enlargement

Posted 20 August 2017 05:21:34(UTC)

My PSA is rising to 9.2 now but I am afraid to take biopsy which is advised by my urologist. He offers me second choice "3T MRI" but it needs injection to make the images to show its charactics.  Without injection, doctor can not tell it is cancer or not. The injection will damage brais and thinning the skin as its site effectives but the doctor tells me my kidneys are normal for such a injection. I think I have enlargement to make pee difficulties but the doctor tells me i have 40% risk of cancer, which is higher than 23% cancer according to my FREE PSA AND %PSA AND TOTAL PSA.  My friend got biopsy but he has suffered its site effectives of his urine leak from biopsy and other problems from biopsy so that he consider to sue his urologist. Well, my family members do not have prostate cancer. I have not eaten too much red meats and most of time i eat wild fish or farmed fish without using antibiotic. Most fruits I eat are organic.       

Posted 20 August 2017 08:05:00(UTC)

Hi and welcome,

I had a biopsy with no problems, cancer was found Gleason 3+4=7 i had no symptoms before as high Psa was 2.19 and doctor referred me for further tests after a private medical to renew my 7.5 ton driving licence and i would have been no wiser  12 months on, my cancer was caught early, had Brachytherapy September 2016 all went well,PSA dropping now on six months for blood tests i am 71.I can under stand your thinking but if you have got it you need to have it checked out sooner than later.

I am not sure that not eating red meat fresh fish and having a healthy life style is a cure for prostate cancer or it would be on the list for treatments.I wish you luck with your decisions

Posted 20 August 2017 09:21:21(UTC)

If you don't want a biopsy, don't have a biopsy.

So long as you're clear on the consequences if you do have cancer and you ignore it.

There are risks to biopsy (as every other invasive procedure), but they are rarely serious, and almost never fatal.

Cancer, on the other hand, is often serious, and - if untreated - frequently fatal.


-- Andrew --

"I intend to live forever, or die trying" - Groucho Marx
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