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Night time adventures

Posted 26 Aug 2017 at 06:04
I wonder if anyone can help me I had RP nearly two weeks ago and had catheter removed last Thursday and I seem to be one of the lucky ones and so far I seem to be able to control my continence however my question is a night I wake up very regularly (6) wanting to pee however don't pee great amounts is this normal ? and does this subside ?
Posted 26 Aug 2017 at 08:39

Hello Jpc and welcome to the site.

I don't have the experience to answer your query apart from asking if you have any discomfort when peeing.

Is there any blood in the urine?

You have only just had the operation and inside is still healing and a catheter is an irritant so it is possible that the need to pee is caused by this.

Perhaps it is also caused by anxiety because you are expecting to have to pee.

I hope one of those who have been through the same op will be along to give you their take on it.

Best Wishes



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Posted 26 Aug 2017 at 15:12
I have to admit that I had mine done over 2 years ago and so the my recall of is a bit sketchy. I had immediate incontinence issues post catheter removal but strangely enough night times were good for me. You might be wondering why I responded if I didn't share your experiences but it was really to say that despite suffering incontinence I still was getting the urge to pee even though my bladder was basically empty. Sandra is probably right in that it is due to trauma and the nerves and mind having to re-sync. As far as I recall it took a couple of months for these feelings to gradually recede but you might be luckier. Well done with the daytime control, you must be relieved (no pun intended)😊

All the best

Posted 28 Aug 2017 at 19:08

Are you drinking enough?

If you aren't, the concentrated urine is more likely to be affecting the system, which misinterprets that as 'need to pee'.

If you are getting up several times in the night, there's no downside to drinking more - and if nothing else, it'll make passing more comfortable.

-- Andrew --
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