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Trying Not To Panic

Posted 13 September 2017 10:55:18(UTC)


I am at the beginning of this journey. Im 68 and noticed some changes in routine such needing a wee 2 or 3 times a night. sometimes needing to go again within minutes. Poor flow at times. My GP gave me a DRE and said he couldn't find anything wrong but due to two PSA results of 8.74 followed two months later by 7.98 I was referred to a Urologist and saw a very reassuring Prostate Nurse Practitioner early September. She performed a DRE and said there was a "hard ridge" on my prostate. I have since had an MRI and I'm going back to get the results of that later this month. Being adopted at birth in Canada I have no information of any history Prostate Cancer in the family. The initial report also said I had a liver function test result of eGFR currently standing at greater than 60.

I know I can't be diagnosed on a web based conversation but it seems a long time until my next appointment. Can anyone there please tell me what is the significance, if any, of the finding of a "hard ridge" on my prostate.

Many thanks

Posted 13 September 2017 15:37:38(UTC)

Marty, ordinarily the prostate should be soft so you may have an infection or some abnormal growth. I'm afraid you will have to await professional advice on the scan results, hard though it is to carry on in uncertainty, until your urologist sees you again. Your symptoms are indicative of both possibilities, but whichever it proves to be, you are not at death's door and a whole range of possible treatments is available. So don't worry!
Good Luck


Posted 13 September 2017 18:14:04(UTC)

Hello AC
Thank you for your reply.
Of course I expect you are completely right. I hope so anyway.
I'm just going to have to be patient.

Posted 13 September 2017 22:28:04(UTC)

Hi, Your anxiety is natural and understandable but (in my experience) only a biopsy produces absolute results everything else are just possible indicators. But indicators they are and your numbers aren't too bad.

Posted 17 September 2017 12:37:46(UTC)

Hello NomadThank you for your reply. You are right, perhaps I have presented reasonably early. In any event Im seeing the Urologist tomorrow. It will be what it will be and I will listen to the advice decisions they and go with it. Thanks 

Posted 18 September 2017 15:32:31(UTC)


I started in a very similar way to you describe. My prostate was enlarged and the DRE revealed a hard ridge. My PSA came back as 54.7 and I had an MRI and biopsy which confirmed for me it was PCa. That does not necessarily mean it will be the same for you but, I had your "what will be will be" attitude and still have.

It is a difficult time waiting for the answers but in the meantime control the things you can.

As for advice, yes listen to what the hospital say but use this site to do lots of research and look at the many many journeys. Some can be a little scary but then there are so many positive stories on here. Whatever the outcomes remember,  there are such a range of treatments out there and you need to consider all of your options very carefully. For your info, I was given Hormone treatment and opted for early Chemo as mine had spread to the lymph nodes in the pelvic area. Take a look at my profile. Hope you get your answers speedily.

Stay positive and look after yourself.

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Posted 20 September 2017 13:01:43(UTC)
Only a suggestion but have you had a multi parametric MRI scan
Its best to try get one if you can before any biopsies
Best wishes Tbone
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