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i have problem

Posted 01 October 2017 10:15:15(UTC)

Since about a week ago, I have had to sign in, with password, every time that I log on.

Is this the new norm, as previously I just clicked on the site and got straight to the page I wanted?

Thank you


Posted 01 October 2017 14:34:07(UTC)

Have you changed any settings on your own device, for example, cookies, internet history, and password saving etc.

Thanks Chris
Posted 01 October 2017 15:14:15(UTC)

I always use an iPad and find this problem usually every couple of weeks , have just upgraded to new iPad and so far no problems .

Posted 01 October 2017 20:44:05(UTC)
I have this every single time and now post a lot less because I can’t be bothered to keep signing in. It’s been like that for me since the new platform was enabled. I’ve had an iPad 2 and now a 4and nothing makes a difference. I find it irritating!

Posted 01 October 2017 21:33:07(UTC)

It must be to do with your settings Maxbale - have you cleared your cookies recently or perhaps your antivirus software prevents the automatic saving of your log in? And it might sound obvious (sorry) but have you ticked 'remember me'?

I access the forum from my phone, 2 ipads, a desktop & a laptop and don't have to sign in on any of them but I have my security settings very low and all my devices are set to allow cookies.

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Posted 02 October 2017 08:49:51(UTC)
I'm not sure who maxbale is - that was one of my posts from months and months ago?

Please can the website people have a look into this?

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