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Prostap and Cholesterol level

Posted 17 October 2017 14:42:18(UTC)
Is there any known relationship between HT with Prostap and Cholesterol levels?
I had mine tested in January '17 and again this week and it's gone up. Not a lot but after the January test I altered a few things in my diet aiming for a reduction. The Pharmacist thought that the HT may cause a rise but it's not a side effect that I have seen reported. I have put on 2-3 kg which was expected. This has taken my BMI to 26 now.
Posted 17 October 2017 23:51:19(UTC)

Yes it is a known side effect but not that common - usual advice is to keep an eye on it & try to manage it through diet.

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Posted 24 November 2017 06:00:49(UTC)
My cholesterol levels went up and my GP put me on statins.


Posted 24 November 2017 16:52:06(UTC)

After ten years of zoladex and three months of dexamethasone, for the first time my cholesterol has risen above five. My GP has suggested another blood test early next year and if is still a bit high then statins. Given their anti-cancer properties, that seems a sensible move at 74, anyway. If I could find a way of combating the steroid's weight gaining effect (apart from exercise which I get anyway and dieting even more), I'd be a happy bunny!


Posted 26 November 2017 15:38:15(UTC)

That is interesting. My cholesterol has gone up from around 5 to 6 since being on PROSTAP. My GP phoned about three weeks ago and told me since I already have pre hypertension and now elevated cholesterol if an ECG shows any abnormalities I will have to go on medication.  I had a precautionary ECG 10 days ago and will try to manage levels through diet.




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