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How long would you have symptoms?

Posted 18 Oct 2017 at 20:34
How long did most people have symptoms before they started to go down hill?
Posted 18 Oct 2017 at 23:17

Hi I understand your concern but PC isn't that 'black and white,' . . . I for example had no symptoms whatsoever, in my case a random blood test came back positive, my golf buddy for the past 10 years has to take a pee 3 or 4 times in every 18 holes, he's been tested for PC and is negative. The short answer is, nothing short of a biopsy will come up with a conclusive result.

Posted 18 Oct 2017 at 23:35

Hi Marty,

A rather difficult question to answer as many men with PCa are diagnosed without having symptoms or perhaps very mild ones that could be possibly attributable to an ageing or week bladder. Then what do you mean by "started to go downhill"? Do you mean before being diagnosed or before PSA or it started to rise?

On diagnosis, some men are told they will have had cancer developing for months to years. There are different types of PCa and it can spread at different rates, sometimes leveling off before increasing. Where applicable PCa can be treated with curable intent or failing this by slowing down the spread. Again this will depend on a number of factors which principally include how early it was diagnosed, where it was located, the type of cancer and the success of the treatment which can vary from one man to another.

Posted 18 Oct 2017 at 23:56
Hi i think everyone is different, some men show symptoms others dont its not that predictable as weve only learned since my oh diagnosed, aged 52 no symptoms routine bloods done by gp on health check psa came back at 22, had 2 lots of biopsys mpmri, diagnosed gleason9 t3b with seminal vesicle invasion, hes still has no symptoms at all (well apart from the psycological impact of knowing hes got a high risk prostate cancer going on) hes still at work in a physical job, still works out at the gym, hes now onto 2nd zoladex hormone injection before starting high dose brachy before xmas then radiotherapy to pelvic area..jo
Posted 20 Oct 2017 at 19:00

didnt think prostate cancer showed up on routine bllo tests?

Posted 20 Oct 2017 at 22:25

It doesn't - what Jo meant was that her other half had routine blood tests and someone ticked the box to include a PSA test. The PSA doesn't diagnose prostate cancer but can indicate that something is not quite right and needs further investigation.

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Posted 28 Oct 2017 at 13:44

i had blood tests done for various things (kidney,liver,thyroid,diabetes) all came back fine also urine fine. Lost weight since was at doctors a week ago, gave me antibioitcs but got a appointmenet for 2 weeks time

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