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It's come back.

Posted 22 October 2017 08:19:55(UTC)

Hello my name is Barry I'm now 65 years old. My story over the last 5 years.

Gleason in 2013 was 4-3 PSA was 13 each of the 12 samples taken at the biopsy were cancerous 
Had 6 months of hormone treatment then high dosage brachytherapy my PSA went down to 0.1 in Feb 2014 a year after I was diagnosed.

Now 5 years later the radiation has damaged my urethra and I've had to have surgery to get the flow back. I've also have a Gleason of 3-4 and PSA of 5.1 I've had a MRI and biopsy and my cancer has returned on the right-hand side.

My bone scan is all clear. I am now on a months supply of hormone tablets with an injection due next week 30th October, and another in January. I also have to self catheter twice a week, just into the bladder then remove no bag needed, it's just to keep my urethra open.

My first treatment was at Mount Veron Middx and now I'm under Peterborough City Hospital.

The prostate cannot be removed as we asked for this time it's too late now as there would be serious consequences if they did because of the surrounding damage caused by the hi dose radiation I've had. It would leave me incontinent both sides.

Just hope I'm getting the best treatment, the hormone treatment last time gave me extra fatty tissue on my chest which makes me feel very conscious so I hope this does not make it even worse.


Thanks for reading yes I'm a bit down to say the least.

Posted 22 October 2017 12:38:30(UTC)
Hi Barry,
I'm sorry to read the PC has returned, I had robotic surgery in 2015 to remove prostate believing that would be the end of the matter, it returned in 2017, then I had 35 sessions of RT. Next month I see my oncologist after having blood test to hear if it's gone, however I must say the last time I spoke to my oncologist early in the year I was warned it could return, so l live in hope it doesn't .
In the meantime I wish you all the best with future treatment .

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Posted 22 October 2017 12:49:52(UTC)

Hello Barry,

Sorry to see you here. Bad enough to suffer the first time without a repeat.

I hope the treatment goes well for you. We had low dose and were told the same thing. No surgery following. It can be done the other way round but not if Brachy is first choice.

We all make our decisions based on what we think is the best option for us. Sometimes it doesn't work out.

Good luck with whatever follows

Best Wishes


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