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wheres my prostrate gone

Posted 04 November 2017 15:57:58(UTC)

Hi I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer after I had a Turps operation then a Biopsy 18 months ago then 2 weeks ago I had to go in for an operation on my bladder because it was almost closed up that went fine but I was also told my prostrate had disappeared I always thought with cancer it would get bigger not do a vanishing act don't see my consultant for another 5 weeks should I be worried or not has anyone else heard of this happening before


Posted 05 November 2017 09:12:52(UTC)

Hello Tes, I can't help with the query but I see you haven't had a reply so I'm bumping you in the hope that somebody can help you

Best Wishes

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Posted 05 November 2017 14:57:17(UTC)

Tes, astonishing! Suggest you talk to your oncology nurse to get an explanation.


Posted 05 November 2017 15:16:45(UTC)

Could the TURPS have done a Prostatectomy instead?

It certainly sounds odd, so yes, contact your medical team.


Posted 05 November 2017 16:40:09(UTC)
I realise this is of no help whatsoever but I see there was an article in The Lancet in 1954 entitled "Prostatitis and the disappearing Prostate". Unfortunately without an access I.D. it doesn't seem possible to access it.
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